Plastics / Films

All plastics have FREE DELIVERY to mainland UK (excluding highlands)

Most sheets are available in 2440×1220 (8’x4′) as standard but can be bigger if needed. 

All plastics are sold by the sheet and can be cut down to your required sizes for no extra cost. Please give us your sizes in the ‘notes’ section below each product otherwise you will be sent the full sheet size.


Polycarbonate (Upto 200 times stronger than glass of the same thickness)

Polycarbonate is the most popular of our plastics as it is virtually unbreakable and is U.V. stable so will last for a long time without going brittle and loosing its clarity.

Thicknesses from 3mm – 6mm

Clear and opaque available

Scratch resistant available (cab glazing)

Acrylic (Upto 20 times stronger than glass of the same thickness)

Acrylic sheets are a less expensive option to the polyarbonate. It still has some shatter resisitance and is relativly strong though not in comparison to Polycarbonate. It is not U.V. stable so will deteriorate after a while if in direct sunlight but is still extensively used in greenhouses and agricultural buildings.

Thicknesses from 3mm – 20mmg

Clear and opaque available


Styrene is a budget plastic and is low spec and strength when compared to the other plastic available. It is fine for horticultural and agricultural applications or in places where no real strength is required. This is reflected in the price as it is by far the cheapest plastic available.

Thickness 2mm

Available in clear.



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