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Compliance with the minimum standards of fire safety laid down in Building Regulations is crucial in achieving buildings which provide adequate protection for life and property in the event of fire.

Developments in glass have resulted in the introduction of more sophisticated products with increasingly higher fire resistance performances, in both integrity (resistance to fire penetration) and insulation (resistance to the transfer of excessive heat).

We can provide fire rated glass for many different applications in both wired and clear forms.

Buy Fire Rated Glass

There aretwo main features of fire resistant glass,

  • Integrity – This type will not break under the stress of fire for either 30 mins or 60 mins depending on the specification of the glass.
  • Insulation – This type keeps heat from transferring through the glass, for example glass being used around a fire escape should be insulation (normally as well as integrity) so people can pass to safety without being exposed to heat.

We use glass that passes building regulations for the following requirements: –


We keep a full range of intrumescent sealant and tape and also ceramic tape for fire glass installation. Without these specialist fitting materials your fire door will not pass building inspection.

Buy Fire Rated Glass

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