Buy Slimglaze Heritage Units

Buy Slimglaze Heritage Units

Heritage Gold Standard – Slim, Low Sightline Double Glazed Units

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Grade listed buildings and buildings with planning control orders are not permitted to fit standard double glazed systems in either wood or plastic. Traditional style frames must be used for aesthetic purposes but these will not give you the benefits of modern glazing. In order to solve this problem special slim and low sightline units have been developed and introduced into the market.

A standard double glazed unit would have a 10-12mm black border around the edge where to two pieces of glass are bonded together & be a minimum thickness of 14mm. This black edge would show when installed into the more delicate traditional style frames and the depth could be an issue. Our low sightline units have a black border of 7mm (+/-1mm) and are available from 10mm thick making them the perfect solution to your heritage unit needs.

Due to the more complicated nature of these types of units we would need to speak to you regarding your requirements in order to work out the prices.

I have found that our units are of superior quality to some others on the market and very competitively priced. Some manufacturers are cutting corners by stripping down warm edge spacer made for standard double glazing and using it on heritage units. All of the materials used in the manufacture of our units have been specifically designed and tested for optimum performance.

We offer many options for your bespoke units: –

  • Bespoke Leading service with the option of 4mm,6mm,9mm,12mm Lead aswell as a range of colours.
  • Bespoke Sandblasting service.
  • Choice of glass types (Self-cleaning, Acoustic and Laminated Glass)
  • Choice of Obscure glass
  • Soldered leading Joints
  • Authentic Glass (Crown Glass etc)

The Double Glazed Units will: – 

  • Maintain the character of your home.
  • Keep your house cooler in the summer
  • Reduce Noise Pollution
  • Help fight against condensation.
  • Comply with document L Building Regulations.
  • Help us all protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

The Units are made up as follows :-

  • Slim units that start from a minimum of 10mm thick.
  • A maximum of 7mm seal depth (-1mm tolerance) to provide the low-sight line for traditional timber windows.
  • Edgetech Heritage Super Spacer’ the best Warm Edge on the market.
  • U-Values as low as 1.2 with a 6mm cavity providing up to 77{bd82202a8abc94f542109778f5346e4af510bcd586aa084a574f2bd1c424afeb} less heat loss than from traditional single glazing.
  • Improved acoustic performance, assisted by the use of super spacer and heavy inert gases.

Product Features

Warm-Edge Benefits
Superior silicone foam insulation; low thermal conductivity; substantially reduced perimeter condensation; typical improvement of 0.2W/m2K on overall window U-value.

Silicone Foam Features
Excellent UV resistance; extreme temperature performance; fast dew point drop; superior compression-set resistance; excellent colour stability; enhanced sound dampening

Edge Seal Durability
Continuous vapour barrier at corners; no chemical fogging; high desiccant content.

Unique Dual-Seal Design
Outer hot-melt butyl sealant for enhanced gas retention; inner structural acrylic side adhesive; immediate unit handling; no cold flow or spacer/ seal migration.

Improved Productivity
Fast application; elimination of desiccant filling; no corner key assembly; simplified shaped unit production; limited equipment investment; small labour force required.

Pleasing Aesthetic Appearance
Smooth matte surface finish; pleasing neutral appearance; no surface blistering or bubbling; straight line application with 90° corners. Ultra slim sightline.

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