Decorative Options / Etching

Decorative Options / Etching

Leaded Lights (Traditional/Contemporary)

Viviennes stained glass

We pride ourselves on our Traditional and Replica leaded lights (stained glass) and have many ideas for new innovative panes as well as being able to reproduce classic designs. Traditionally different pieces of textured and coloured glass are joined together with H section lead came then all joints are thoroughly cemented to waterproof and harden the finished pane.

With the replica panels coloured or textured film is applied to the glass then adhesive lead is used to create the design.The main advantage of these modern panes is that they can easily be used in double and triple glazing and are much less labour intensive than the traditional method. Stunning contemporary designs can also be produced incorporating bevels and sandblasted areas.

We encourage our customers to have their panel personalized and have incorporated many monograms and significant dates into our decorative glass.

Please click on the link below to open our catalogue of leaded designs and options. Please contact us If you require something bespoke or an old design reproduced.