Splashbacks & Worktops Guides / FAQs

Splashbacks & Worktops Guides / FAQs

When measuring rectangular splashbacks behind a hob. Take the tightest size and apply the following adjustments…

If measuring a ‘T’ shaped splashback apply these adjustments to the tightest sizes…

Northallerton Glass Splashbacks FAQs

Can I order a sample piece of glass to any colour, image or finish?

Yes, we can produce small samples of coloured splashback glass, digitally printed splashback glass, standard mirror splashback, tinted mirror splashback and antique mirror splashback.

Some of the custom finish splashbacks may be difficult to have samples produced at a low cost due to the complex manufacture processes or expensive materials involved.

Samples are chargeable pro forma at £15+vat per piece. £15+vat will be deducted from the final invoice for each sample finish that is used in the final project.

Can I have any colour for my glass splashback?

In theory as long as we have a sample colour to scan we can reproduce any colour. There is always a small margin of error when mixing the paints or printing an image. Paints mixed in different batches cannot be guaranteed to be 100% identical though we aim for a perfect match. We use low iron glass which has a much reduced green tinge compared to standard glass. Although far superior in clarity there may still be a small colour alteration when viewed through the glass. If in doubt please request a sample piece to check accuracy.

Lead times? How long will my glass splashback take to make?

Rectangular toughened glass splashbacks can be completed in as little as 4 working days however we aim to deliver none CNC processed splashbacks in 7-10 working days allowing for standard quality control checks and adequate drying times.

None toughened glass splashbacks and upstands can be produced in as little as 2 full working days. Toughened glass is always recommended behind the hob but when using our specialist adhesive, although not strengthening the glass the glue brings the panel up to British standard for safety.

Printed glass splashbacks can be produced in as little as 5 working days although again we try to allow 7-10 working days to ensure an efficient and quality service.

Mirror splashbacks cannot be toughened so rectangular panels can be produced in as little as 2 days. Again we would usually offer 5 days as standard.

ALL CNC PROCESSED SPLASHBACKS require a much more complex fabrication process. Every finish / type of splashback requiring CNC work has a lead time of 10-15 working days. We aim to deliver to the shorter time but can only guarantee to max lead time.

Custom finish splashbacks are all given estimated lead times at point of enquiry and could vary from 10-20 working days depending on the selection.

Do you offer an express service on glass splashabcks?

We can offer an express service on some of our glass splashbacks but each project would be quoted and discussed on a job to job basis. There will be an express surcharge of between 25-150% added depending on the requests.

What is the biggest glass splashback you can offer?

Fast turnaround single colour / digitally printed splashbacks are available in lengths up to 3210mm. (Oversize lengths  can be produced with a slightly extended lead time)

Standard / Tinted Mirror splashbacks are available in lengths up to 3200mm

Antique Mirror splashbacks come in different sheet sizes depending on the finish but average lengths of between 2250mm and 2550mm are readily available.( Over size lengths are available with slightly extended lead times)

Are glass splashbacks safe and strong?

As standard all of our splashbacks are made from toughened safety glass. Although our splashback adhesive brings the panel up to British safety standard anyway it is best practice to toughened splashbacks.

To save costs untoughened short upstands are commonly used either side of the main hob glass. These upstands are safe because of the glue and are in low risk areas away from heat and pans and are perfectly adequate for the job.

What if my glass splashback breaks?

Toughened glass is safe as when it shatters it disintegrates into small fragments that although sharp would be incapable of impaling a person or causing a serious cut. Toughened glass splashbacks when stuck to the wall with the correct adhesive may shatter but the majority of the glass should remain adhered to the wall. In the unlikely event that your glass splashback shatters it should be removed from the wall with a chisel or scraper and disposed of accordingly. We can accept no responsibility for broken splashbacks unless of course damage occurs during or immediately following installation. We would always offer a replacement splashback at a greatly reduced rate as a token of goodwill.

Are glass splashbacks heat proof?

It is widely accepted that toughened glass is much more resilient to heat that un toughened. Toughened glass can withstand temperatures of up to 400C degrees and are more than durable enough to cope with domestic use.  

The worst kitchen conditions tend to be gas hobs and large frying pans or woks. Under these conditions we strongly recommend that only toughened glass splashbacks are used. Should the glass or mirror be resting on an upstand and never come into contact with the edge of the pan it would be unfortunate to suffer damage from heat. The cause of glass cracking due to heat stress is caused more by heat difference that actual heat. A cold splashback with a hot pan touching the middle would be more vulnerable than the whole piece of glass gradually heating up at once.

Are glass splashbacks easy to clean?

Yes, due to the smooth surface glass splashbacks are much easier to clean that tiles and of course have no dirty grout lines to gather muck and grease.

However on a microscopic level even glass has an irregular rough surface and can suffer from contamination build up on the surface which cannot be removed by cleaning. Think of lime scale build up in showers. If left untreated it can stain the glass and never be brought back to as good as new condition.

We offer an easy clean treatment for all of our glass splashbacks that applies a thin invisible coating to the glass that is not only hydrophobic, none stick and easy to clean but is so effective the glass becomes effectively anti-microbial. (Up to 97% Bacterial reduction).

This coating also performs so well that cleaning products and kitchen chemicals are not required to clean the glass. This reduction in chemical deposit into the drainage and ultimately into the environment makes this coating a practical and environmentally friendly solution.

All of our staff are fully trained to apply this system to all glass types.

How do I fix my glass splashback to the wall?

There are two methods of installation. In the vast majority of cases they are fitted using our specialist splashback adhesive. This allows the glass to be pushed back evenly and any small imperfections and bumps in the wall are filled and accommodated.

Alternatively glass splashbacks can be fitted using dome headed mirror screws. Predrilling the wall and inserting plugs the glass is tightened back to the wall in position. Clear glass splashbacks must be fitted in this way as any adhesive would show through the clear glass and spoil the effect. Untoughened glass is not recommended to be fitted with holes as tightening the glass back to the wall increases the pressure on the panel and risks a breakage usually running from a hole.

Low iron glass and splashbacks

Toughened Low Iron glass is used as standard for all painted and printed splashbacks. This glass has a much clearer finish that the slight green tint of standard glass. When attempting to achieve a true colour matched splashback the low iron glass allows for a far superior appearance when looking at the colour through the panel.

This green tinge of standard glass can be used to purposefully alter the appearance of chosen shades and is in itself an attractive yet subtle material.

What are the tolerances of accuracy for glass splashbacks?

We aim to provide our glass splashbacks to exact 100% accuracy however we accept a +/- 1mm tolerance of accuracy.

Custom finish splashbacks that are multi layer laminates have a tolerance of =/- 3mm though it would be extremely rare for an adjustment of more than 1mm.

When measuring for your glass splashback please always allow sufficient adjustment to tight sizes as advised in our how to guide. You can find the guide on our website in the guides section on the top menu. This guide also offers advice on allowances for overlaps and butted up joints and well as the minimum internal radius achievable on the CNC machine and how to measure notches taking this into account.

Can my glass splashback be returned? What is your policy?

Due to the bespoke nature of glass splashbacks returns will only be accepted when an issue or mistake is deemed to be our fault and liability. We endeavour to be as fair and sympathetic as possible and where we can all efforts will be made to correct customer mistakes. If slightly over size we will attempt to process the glass to a smaller size. Any adjustments are always carried out at the customers own risk.

Toughened glass cannot be re-cut and used again or re stocked so we are unable to realistically use returns for future projects. Any remake that is chargeable will always be given an enhanced discount as a gesture of goodwill.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

How do I pay for my glass splashback? Do you require a deposit?

When providing a supply only service our splashbacks require a full payment at time of order.

If we are surveying and installing the glass splashbacks we would offer a guide price prior to survey then once accurate sizes have been gathered we require a 60% deposit on the full invoice amount with the balance to be paid on day of completion.

Account customers receive 30days credit terms with discounts and rebates available for faster payments.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you require any further information.