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Glass balustrade systems

We can supply and install glass balustrades to almost any specification in commercial or domestic property.

Enhance your property with a glass balustrade for stairways, balconies, patios, terraces or gardens. They can be highly practical for wind sheltering, durability, easy cleaning and maintenance. Here at Northallerton Glass we can supply and install glass balustrades to almost any specification. We work with steel manufacturers and joiners to find the best solution to your needs.

Add light and open up any space with a glass balustrade from Northallerton Glass today.

wooden staircases

It is becoming very popular to replace the spindles in wooden banisters with glass panels. This is a very simple but effective solution and because it uses the posts and hand rails that are already in place it is a relatively clean and straightforward job to do. 

Infilling with glass between the newel posts and under the existing handrail is a hugely popular choice. With minimal mess and expense, the original spindles are removed and the glass either mounted on brackets or recessed into the wood work, totally transforming the space.

metal post and handrail

Probably the most traditional form of glass balustrade, metal posts are used to support toughened glass panels creating runs in a multitude of configurations. If there is a significant drop then a handrail will be required. Ground level balustrades would not need a handrail. 

All metal work is 316 external grade stainless steel and made to last.

frameless channel

Frameless or infinity balustrades are extremely popular at the moment. A perfect blend of style and safety giving unobstructed views through the glass.

Our SIMPLIfix channel system is ideally suited when fixing to the top of perfectly flat surfaces such as steel beams or flagged patios. It also lends itself to having lighting installed inside the channel illuminating the glass. Etched bands or designs can be added to the glass allowing light to project out of the surface. Although there is a drainage add on product available we find that in areas needing to drain away SIMPLIfix spigots perform better.


Our SIMPLIfix spigot system is highly versatile for a multitude of frameless configurations. Issues with irregular shapes, ramps and steps are easily overcome providing a high end frameless solution to any project. 

The gaps under the glass solve any drainage problems. These spigots are fully adjustable allowing for a perfectly plumb setup.

Juliet balconies are available in a number styles. From Single fixing ‘buttons’ so side clamps into the recess. Depending on the glass type used a handrail may be needed. Single glazed toughened glass (usually 10mm) would require this extra level of safety where as toughened laminated glass (usually 17.5mm or 21.5mm) would not. With this glass type being made up of two layers of toughened glass bonded together, should one break there is always the safety net of the remaining pane to stop a fall.

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